POPNA Membership dues provide funds for the beautification of the neighborhood and creek, social events, communication efforts and other community projects that benefit all of us and help keep property values strong.
To join, please fill out the membership form below and provide the suggested donation of $35 via check or PayPal below. However, additional donations are accepted and appreciated. This year we will be raising additional funds to be focused on social events and upgrading Arapaho Park.  If you would be interested in a business donation in support of the park, please contact  
The website now contains a directory of our members, which is only accessible to other registered members.  When you register or update your information please be sure to indicate what information you want to be available to registered members. The phone numbers may be used by VIP for security such as alerting you to an open garage, so we encourage you to include this information. 

1) Please click here to fill out your membership information: Membership Form
 If you have already registered on the website before, be sure you are logged on. To log on, click on the "Your Profile" in the upper right corner of the website to update your membership information, if needed.
2) To pay your membership fee, please click on the "Donate" PayPal button below and send payment to POPNA. Suggested donation amount is $35. However, additional donations are accepted and appreciated.
If you have any questions, please email